Arnost Zeman

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Arnost Zeman

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1 Priorities
Social Class: (Low Freeman)
Attributes: 23 (cap 8)
Skills: 32 (cap7)
Proficiencies: 8 (cap6)
Traits: 9

2 Core Details
Name: Arnost Zeman
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Social Class: Low freeman
Title/Occupation/Creed: Smuggler

2.1 Concept
Smuggler/looter dreaming of advancing in society
Background: when the army arrived in the village, he joined up to prove what he already knew. His first taste of battle left him with a wounded leg, shocked nerves and the freedom of being MIA. He looted the battlefield and others like it, until he had enough coin to start smuggling. One man's death is another man's bread.
2.2 Description

2.3 Drives
- Become literate, by learning from a cleric
- Not become the tool of someone elses cause
2.4 Traits (9) (1 Left)
1 Narcissist T 0d
2 Limping leg 1d
1 Traumaritized T 0d
2 Impressive singing voice 1d
2 Industrious 1d
0 Illiterate (0d)
0 Survivor of the battle of X 1d
0 Robber of the dead, seller of the cold 1d

3 Attributes

3.1 Core

Agility: 3
Brawn: 5
Cunning: 6
Perception: 6
Will: 3

3.2 Derived

Grit: 4
Keen: 6
Reflex: 4
Speed: 4

4 Skills
Coercion: 2
Legderdemain: 4
Manipulation: 5
Negotiation: 2
Oration: 2
Perform (singing): 5
Stewardship: 2
Stealth: 3
Streetwise: 2
Navigation: 3
Survival (Forest):2

5 Contacts

6 Proficiencies

Mass weapons:2
Polearm: 3

7 Possessions (r2,r2,r1,r1,r1, 1 coin left for use on contraband)

7.1 Significant Items
r2 Peasant knife (-1c/-1p, Close (0-1), 1h)

7.2 Armour
r3 Long gambeson (Heavy core, +0.25)
AP: 0.25
7.3 Insignificant Items

7.4 Other Property
One change of common clothing
Supplies to make a modest camp in the woods
r2,r2,r1,r1,r1, 1 coin left for use on contraband

8 Arms
8.1 Ranged
8.2 Melee
Peasant knife

9 Armour Coverage
AP 0.25
Crown: 0
Ribs: 2
Abs: 2
Pelvis: 1
Upper Arm: 1
Forearm: 1
Hand: 0
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Re: Arnost Zeman

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Looking good so far. Just a few details need to be sorted out before we can get started.

Arnost needs something filled in under faith. Usually I wouldn't make a player have to fill out a faith, but it looks like this campaign is going to pretty religious as that's the nature of the Hussite wars and several PCs have religious or faith based drives and traits. If you think Arnost isn't particularly religious, you can just put something like "non-practicing Catholic".

What are your thoughts on the "impressive singing voice" trait? I'm just a little worried it would function a lot like +1 Singing Skill and not really do anything else. Maybe tweak it to something like "Booming voice" which you could use while singing to a crowd, or use in other situations?

Can you give a few sentences of physical description of Arnost? And a character portrait if you like.

Can you fill out a bit about the Battle of X? Feel free to make things up, inventing people or places. I'd like most PCs to have atleast 1 contact as well, and introducing a contact as someone you know from the Battle of X would be a good way to do. A contact should have a name, a few sentences on Arnost's relationship with them and optionally a description or portrait.
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Re: Arnost Zeman

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