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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

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Štěpán Kubík

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Štěpán at the start
Štěpán after he can afford a portrait and has the artist restore his ear.
1 Priorities
Social Class: (Low Freeman)
Attributes: 23 (cap 8)
Skills: 24 (cap7)
Proficiencies: 14 (cap7)
Traits: 9

2 Core Details
Name: Štěpán Kubík
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Social Class: Low freeman
Faith: Hussite
Title/Occupation/Creed: Deserter

2.1 Concept

Disillusioned deserter trying to find his way.

2.2 Description

Dark headed man with a bulbous nose and grisly scar battling for your attention.

2.3 Drives

Get word back to my family letting them know I'm alive.

Try to respark my faith with Mattheo.

2.4 Traits (9) (2 Left)
2 Deserter (1d)
0 Son of a Farmer (1d)
0 Missing Ear (1d)
1 Paranoid (1dT)
4 Claim Father's Farm (-3)
0 Illeterate (0d)

3 Attributes

3.1 Core

Agility: 5
Brawn: 7
Cunning: 3
Perception: 6
Will: 3

3.2 Derived

Grit: 5
Keen: 4
Reflex: 4
Speed: 6

4 Skills

Gambling: 2
Navigation: 2
Survival (Forest):3
Streetwise: 3
Trade(Bowyer): 4

5 Contacts
Dalibor - 2d
Caspar Kubik - 2d
Arnost - 2d
Jaksa - 2d
6 Proficiencies

mass weapons:5
7 Possessions
7.1 Significant Items
r2 steel Buckler (1blk)
r2 Battle axe (1 blk)
Quiver of bolts (3 bulk) (Broadhead, Bodkin, Fowling)
r3 medium composite Crossbow (2bulk)
7.2 Armour

AP: .5
7.3 Insignificant Items
Goats foot.
7.4 Other Property
One change of clothing
2 coin
8 Arms
8.1 Ranged
Medium Composite Crossbow
8.2 Melee
Battle Axe

9 Armour Coverage
AP .5
Crown: 1
Ribs: 2
Abs: 2
Pelvis: 2
Upper Arm: 2
Forearm: 2
Hand: 2?

The Stepan family farm: A sizable wheat farm with a flour mill. Stepan's Father Caspar is the headman and owns a house over looking the fields and the mill, he tried to raise his first son Stepan to run it but his head and heart weren't into it so he dedicated his time teaching Stepan's younger brother Christof to fill those shoes, though he made no official changes in inheritance. when Stepan left to fight for the moderates his father threatened to disinherit him, though Stepan didn't believe he would do that and so off he went.

Ill leave the whole mess up for you to decide on Thirty but I figure Stepan left thinking he could comeback after winning the war and possibly being knighted and or rich from looting, and take up where he left off, but to come home with him being thought dead after they got news that the battle Stepan was headed to was lost. I probably wont be headed to the farm immediately ,but would be trying to get word back while still trying to make money so that I don't look like a total ass to them.
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Re: Štěpán Kubík

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Very epic Volca.
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Re: Štěpán Kubík

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Looking good so far. Just a few details need to be sorted out before we can get started.

You will need atleast 1 drive to start. If you're finding it hard coming up with something, maybe point it to another character in the group so it's a good way to keep everything tied together. Eg If he's disillusioned, maybe he think Father Mattheo could help him find his faith? Or he sees Arnost and Filip as a fellow war veterens who could help him cope with this horrible world?

Can you give a few sentences of physical description of Stepan?

And can you fill out a bit more about Stepan's father and the farm? Whats his father's name, whats his relationship with him like, and is there anything special or memorable about the farm? You can also add Stepan's father as a contact, as the farm is bought by a trait.
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Re: Štěpán Kubík

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done with those still have 2 trait points may put them into a contact with my younger brother
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