Denna Howling "The Silverwolf" (nemedeus)

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Denna Howling "The Silverwolf" (nemedeus)

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Name: Denna Bearing "The (Bloody) Silverwolf"
Occupation: Hound Sergeant
Age: almost 30
Gender: Female
Religion: State Religion
Parents: Brandon and Anne Bearing; Smith & Housewife
Summary: wiry, unkempt woman with a twitchy eye and a crooked sneer; a ravenous wolf on a leash (profile picture pending)

Denna spent her childhood in a campaign trail, where her father did armour and weapon repairs. That was until the corps suffered a (now legendary) devastating loss. She put her sword skills to use -- which she'd picked up from one of the mercenaries, a man called Renardo -- and killed for the first time.
She managed to escape with Brandon, but Anne was separated from them.

When she was fourteen, Brandon was tried for witchcraft and burnt at the stake.
With a little subterfuge and a lot of luck, Denna discovered that the accuser, a man called Roderick Bower, was himself a demon cultist. She tipped off a company of Hounds, who in turn destroyed Bower's cult. In the aftermath, they made the girl an offer she couldn't refuse: to join in with their ranks and become a Hound herself -- an easy choice, as of her now being an orphan.

Although she never heard from Renardo again, Denna can't shake the feeling that the old mercenary is still out there somewhere.

I will protect the innocent, for I AM THE LAW, AND THE LAW SMITES
Sometimes it's not demons
If you're still out there...

SOCIAL CLASS: Tier 2 -- Low Freeman (Cash Out: 96 skillings)

EDGES & FLAWS: Tier 3 (2 Minor Edges; 1 Minor Major Flaw)
Asset (Minor): A full set of Proofed Plate Armour, including a Closed Helmet that looks like a wolf's head
Status (Minor): Hounds Sergeant //If thirtythr33 chose a Minor Status for Neith instead of a Major one or a Sergeant rank wouldn't require Status, i would like to go with Southpaw Slayer (Connection: Renardo) instead.
Boodthirsty (Major)

ATTRIBUTES: Tier 5 (20 points + 1 grey dot)
Strength oooo [4]
Agility ooo [3]
Stamina oooo [4]
Speed ooo [3]
Acumen oo [2]
Cunning ooooo o [6]
Willpower ooo [3]
Social ooo [3]

8 Feat of Strength
9 Balance
7 Health
7 Knockdown
7 Knockout
5 Memory
8 Perception
9 Reflexes

SKILLS: Tier 1 (10 points)
Background: War Campaign Trailer
Language (State Language) Native
Trade: Hound ooo [3]
Blacksmith oo [2]
Athletics oo [2]
Manipulation oo [2] (Intimidation)
Steel oo [2] (Battle)
Streetwise o [1]
Stealth o [1]

PROFICIENCIES: Tier 4 (14 points; max. 9)
CP base [Agility + Cunning] 9
Longsword (Blade to Blade) ooooo ooo [9] -> Default value 4
Polearms (Leverage) xxxx ooo [4+3=7]
Brawling (Wrestling) xxxx o [4+1=5]
Daggers (Reach Control) xxxx o [4+1=5]

GEAR: 96sk from cashing out as Low Freeman
Longsword 8sk
Lucerne Hammer 8sk
Rondel dagger 2sk
Silverwolf Armour ???
A lighter armourset, consisting of
- Gambeson (Long) 8sk
- Munitions Gauntlets 15sk
- Munitions Open Helm 10sk
- Munitions Gorget 5sk //I'd prefer a Bevor but alright
- Munitions Couters 5sk
- Thick Leather Boots 2sk
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Re: Denna Howling "The Silverwolf" (nemedeus)

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Time i got it over with too.

Denna Howling, the Silver Hound

Concept: an infamous hatchetwoman wrestling with her inner demons

Description: platinum-haired woman with a crooked sneer and a twitch; a ravenous wolf on a leash

Age: almost 30, Gender: Female, Occupation: Emperor's Hound, Faith: State Religion

- Protect the innocent, smite the wicked (3)
- Sometimes, the Demons are inside of man; these, I too shall hunt. (2)
- Renardo is still out there, i just know it (0)

Attributes (T4)
Agility 4, Brawn 5, Cunning 4, Perception 3, Will 6
Grit 5, Keen 3, Reflex 4, Speed 4

Skills (T1)
Coercion 4
Education 1
Horsemanship 3
Lore (Northern Marshes) 2
Negotiation 5
Teamster 2
Trade (Blacksmith) 4
Warfare 1

Proficiencies (T5)
Brawling 10
Longsword 11
Firearms 9

Traits (T2 or T3 depending on Social Class)
1dBG Warchild of the Northern Marshes -
1dT Bloodthirsty -
3d Status: Emperor's Hound (2pts)
1d Reputation: The Silverwolf (2pts) - 2d/3pts if Social Class T2. I want this to be a 3d rep but that would require either some way of pushing Hounds Status down 1, or making some concessions i really don't want to make (either no hounds status or *scream* lower attributes! wat do :|

Social Class (T2 or T3)
Depends on whether I can afford plate armour, really.

Possible Equipment:
longsword (as sidearm, possibly kriegsmesser or estoc variant)
zweihänder (as a main weapon, if Einbein isn't gonna have that anymore)
regular but polished plate armour with a helm in a distinct wolf-like shape
"First Rule of War Club: Don't fight in the War Room" - Clint Eastwood, 1920