Stunts and Powers

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Stunts and Powers

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There are quite a few things that i dislike about FATE, but Stunts are not among them.

So as i am preparing this huge-ass campaign for my islands in the sky setting with its larger-than-life characters, i made a few notes on the subject of stunts.

First, what is a Stunt, what is a Power?

--Stunts are possible-in-principle but highly improbable feats of extraordinary competence.
--Powers are like stunts, however they border on the impossible or may even be outright supernatural.

They are activated by burning an SA point (or more).

By this definition, there are already two Stunts in the game: Deadeye, and Gut Feeling.

Generally speaking, using Stunts and Powers doesn't make checks obsolete; you just get to make checks for actions you normally wouldn't be able to perform.

To distribute Stunts and Powers, a new Column is added to the Priority Table, and players gain 3 more character creation points.
It looks like this:

Tier 5: 3 Powers, 1 Stunt
Tier 4: 2 Powers, 1 Stunt
Tier 3: 1 Power, 1 Stunt
Tier 2: 1 Stunt
Tier 1: nothing

Similar to Edges and Flaws, a single Power can be exchanged for 2 Stunts; However, 2 Stunts can not be exchanged for a Power (the priority column is obviously set up that way by default).

The Stunts and Powers i've collected so far (without exhaustive rulings) are as following.


--Balls of Steel: reduce the effects of a wound to wound level 1.
--Blade Cascade: gain a follow-up to your follow-up, until it runs out of dice.
--Brave Jump: double your normal jumping height or safe falling distance.
--Fan the Hammer: empty your revolver's barrel in a single attack.
--Fastball Special: requires two people to perform, obviously.
--Overcharge: when you cast alchemy at higher energy than you can accumulate, double it's power.
--Piss-Poor Sniping: when you miss a shot, hit another random target. Including yourself, so watch out!
--Quick Reload: reload your gun in record time, reducing the required number of rounds by 1.
--Strange Shores: you have friends owing you favours, wherever you go.
--Take a Gulp: restore some of your strength by drinking from your bottle.
--Uncanny Dodge: evade a ranged attack like you would a melee attack.
--Utility Bag: whatever the situation, you probably have exactly the tool you need somewhere in your pockets.


--Bullet-to-Bullet: parry an opponent's projectile attack with a shot of your own.
--Comb Rave: sequentially attack multiple opponents in a single action.
--Deadeye: as before, but is now a Power.
--Deflect Projectile: parry a ranged projectile and return it to sender.
--Gut Feeling: as before, but is now a Power.
--Lady Luck's Kiss: the odds are in your favour, it seems.
--Lighting Charge: charge at your opponent to initiate a melee, from several yards distance.
--Man-Wall: no matter what comes flying your way, you will stand your ground.
--Mind's Eye: allows you to freely use alchemy outside of your own expertise.
--Rocketjump: propel yourself by detonating an explosive under your feet and riding the shockwave.
--Second Wind: at death's door, gain absurd strength for a short time.
--Thundershout: clear the area around you by shouting with the Wrath of Gods.
--Utility Bag of Holding: lost your sword? No problem! I got a spare in my purse.
--Whirlwind: allows you to perform unlikely feats of acrobatics such as running across a wall.

I will post more specific rules as i write them.
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