Father Mattheo

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Father Mattheo

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Father Mattheo


Mattheo could've been a priest, and maybe would've been a good one, but the scholastic life never interested him as much as the girls and seedy streets of Prague. Thus the youngest child of a well-to-do urban family took up the mantle of the biblical prodigal son, dropping out of the Prague university with his studies almost finished. This was many years ago and now Mattheo tours the countryside with a band of bastards on shady business. Cons, thieving and weapons smuggling. The years spent under the tutelage of one Jan Hus haven't gone to waste though. After all, who would suspect a friendly looking wandering priest of illicit affairs?

*Social class: High Freeman
Attributes: 21
Skills 40
Proficiency: 8
Traits: 6*

Age: 42
Faith: Hussite (?)
Occupation: Claims to be a priest, actually a Charlatan

Trustworthy face (1d)
Curious (1d, temptable)
Greedy (1d)
Light sleeper (1d)

1) My father wasted our family's fortune before his death. I must make it back by any means necessary.

2) I need to set a better example to the young men surrounding me than my father ever did to me

a 3 point relationship ( I've left this blank for now so that me and @Thirtythr33 can come up with something that fits with the other characters and his other ideas for the campaign)

Otmar, an old acquitance of mine from the Prague university joined a radical Hussite movement and left the city to spread the word of god. Last I heard of him he was leading a band of zealots in Southern Bohemia. I've heard that even the Taborites are wary of him.


I have been contracted by Dalibors family before as a way to help divert suspicions from cult activities. I suspect there may be secrets there I don't know many details yet. Dalibor sought me out in the interest of learning how to slip through the world while flying in the faces of religious authority. -1d

Agility - 3
Brawn - 3
Cunning - 6
Perception - 4
Willpower - 5

Grit - 4
Keen - 5
Reflex - 4
Speed - 3


Coercion - 5
Command - 3
Disguise - 3
Education - 4
Manipulation - 5
Mercantile - 2
Negotiation - 3
Networking - 3
Politics - 3
Language (Latin) - 3
Language (German) - 2
Lore (Christianity) - 4
Lore (Bohemian local lore) - 2

Brawling - 2
Mass weapons - 3
Crossbows - 3

Taking the "wanderer" kit. Have to sort out rest of my resources
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Re: Father Mattheo

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Looking good so far. Just a few details need to be sorted out before we can get started.

You will need atleast 1 drive to start. If you're finding it hard coming up with something, there's a fair few hussites in the group who are naturally going to look to Father Mattheo for guidance. Maybe you can work something from that angle?

Have you got any ideas about the contact you would like? You said he had tutelage from Jan Hus, so maybe we make up another prominent preacher to be your contact? His contact should have a name, a few sentences on Mattheo's relationship with them and optionally a description or portrait.

I think you might be missing the 2 free traits that all characters get to start with. Everyone should get a 1d character trait for who you once were (something to do with your history or background) and 1d character trait for who you are now. And you're still missing resources, but you already noted that.
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Re: Father Mattheo

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Fixed some problems, but I still have to do my resources. I guess I have a cart, and oxen.
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