Filip Husař

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

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Filip Husař

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1 Priorities

Skills (16, cap 5)
Social Class (Low Freeman)
Traits (6)
Proficiencies (20, cap 9)
Attributes (27, cap 10)

2 Core Details

Name: Filip Husař
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Social Class: Low freeman
Faith: Hussite

2.1 Concept

A war veteran who likes to stand up for the little guy

2.2 Description

2.3 Drives

2.4 Traits

Curious (0 dice)
Keen Hearing
Man of his word (1 die)
Quick tempered (0 dice)
Uncouth (1 die; temptable)

3 Attributes

3.1 Core

Agility: 6
Brawn: 7
Cunning: 6
Perception: 4
Will: 4

3.2 Derived

Grit: 5
Keen: 5
Reflex: 6
Speed: 6

4 Skills

Command: 3
Larceny: 3
Stealth: 3
Streetwise: 2
Warfare: 5

5 Contacts

6 Proficiencies

Brawling: 9
Pole-arms: 7
Bows: 4

7 Possessions

7.1 Significant Items

Backpack (2 bulk)
Spear (2 bulk)

7.2 Armour

Arming cap
Heavy gambeson

AP: 0.75

7.3 Insignificant Items

Flint and steel
Pocket knife

7.4 Other Property

One change of clothing
2 coin

8 Arms

8.1 Ranged

8.2 Melee


9 Armour Coverage

Crown: 1
Ribs: 2M
Abs: 2M
Pelvis: 2
Upper Arm: 2
Forearm: 2
Hand: 2
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Re: Filip Husař

Post by thirtythr33 »

Looking good so far. Just a few details need to be sorted out before we can get started.

You will need atleast 1 drive to start. I also like most players to start with atleast 1 contact. If you're finding it hard coming up with something, maybe come up with an NPC to name in the drive to create a contact with them. Eg, a friend, family member or someone he met while at war. Someone he loves? Or someone he hates?

Can you give a few sentences of physical description of Filip? A portrait would be cool too if you can find something you like.
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