Dalibor Linhart

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

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Dalibor Linhart

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Dalibor is the bastard son of a lesser noble and his lowborn pagan mistress. He had a sheltered youth to hide his father's indiscretion from people outside of the house. As he would likely never inherit his father's position he was trained to help with administration of the family's holding and accounts. Much of his time as a youth was spent with his mother learning about her practices and and basic folk medicine. While everyone in the house knew the nature of his birth so long as he kept his pagan practices discreet they were tolerated as his father had ties to a radical Christian cult that believed some pagan faiths may be integrated into a new vision of Christianity. Due to his sheltered upbringing he is currently naive about the harsh realities of the world outside of the sheltered circumstances of his youth. His experience hiding his practices and awareness of the Church preventing his father from marrying his mother has left him with a resent towards the Churches restrictive views on faith. Now that he has grown and begun handling more of the trade overseen by the house he is excited to finally explore the wider world.

A young bookish man with a shrewd but shy look about him. Learning the basics of combat from the house armsmen and a healthy diet ensured that he had a healthy bulk but longs days spent in the library have left him pale and with hands more stained by ink than rough with callouses. Having inherited his mother's looks he has pale skin, bright green eyes, and dark wavy hair.

Sheltered young man with a reason to dislike both sides of the Hussite wars and a dangerous secret.

Social Class: High Freeman - Academic (T3)
Attributes: 21 pts, cap 7(T3)
Skills: 32 pts, cap 7 (T3)
Proficiencies: 8 pts, cap 6(T2)
Traits: 9 pts (T4)
*Note: Have not yet purchased items granted by social class.

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Re: Dalibor Linhart

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Looking good so far. Just a few details need to be sorted out before we can get started.

First off, I just want to make sure we are on the same page about the pagan and noble bastard traits. Traits are designed to be challenged, so are in a lot of ways are an invitation to be attacked or discriminated against based on those traits. Are you comfortable with playing out things like being the target of religious persecution? If you don't want to deal with those kinds of challenges or themes, those aspects of Dalibor can be incidental parts of his character without them being included in traits (Ie, you just list Pagan under faith and not a trait, then it's a part of who he is but isn't a big target for me to go for).

Could you give me a few sentences on Zedana, on things like physical description and her relationship with Dalibor? Same for Dalibor's father (his full name too, which I think is the noble house your affiliation is referring to?). With the affiliation, you should add Dalibor's father as a contact too.

A character portrait would be cool if you can find something you like, and what starting equipment you are taking.
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