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Originally from a powerful family. Your father, Mesich, gets involved in “the midnight congregation”, and you too since childhood. In fact you become the center of certain rituals. Eventual escape as a teenager, but no matter how far you go, you're bound to some kind of curse...

Physical appearance
-Average height, relatively fit. Light brown skin, darker brown hair. Big nose, thin lips and sharp eyes, which specially at dark almost seem feline-like.

Faith: Confused and half forgotten Islam.

Social class T1

Attributes T5
A 4
B 4
C 6
P 10
W 3

Skills T2
Education 3
Oration 3
Stealth 6
Survival 6 (forest)
Navigation 4
German 1
Czech 1

Prof T2
Slings 6
Brawling 2

Traits T5
-Claim lordship of faraway estate 6 (Father reclaimed long forgotten ruins with an abandoned mine in Anatolia and moved his base there)
-Keen sight 3 lower light sensitivity
-Haunted 2dT
-Critic 1dT
-Bond: Aysel 3d (You escaped from the midnight congregation with your sister, but somewhere along the way she disappeared, a stream of moonlight bathing the place where she had stood)
-The bohemian wilderness 1d
-The midnight congregation 1d

-Toss the rags
-The dreams have gotten worse, and your sister has started to appear in them. Why?

-Short Sling
-Long Sling
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Re: Daleko

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Looking good so far. Just a few details need to be sorted out before we can get started.

You will need atleast 1 drive to start. If you're finding it hard coming up with something, see if there is some way to tie it to another PC. Eg, Daleko might be looking for friends or people he can trust. Or maybe he just thinks someone else in the group will help him make enough money to get back on his feet?

Daleko needs something filled in under faith. Usually I wouldn't make a player have to fill out a faith, but it looks like this campaign is going to pretty religious as that's the nature of the Hussite wars and several PCs have religious or faith based drives and traits. If you think Daleko isn't particularly religious, you can just put something like "non-practicing Catholic".

Your portrait is cool, but can you also give a few sentences of physical description of what Daleko looks like?

Can you fill out a bit more about Daleko's family? In particular, what are his sister and father's names and what are his relationships like with them? A surname and physical descriptions of them would also be good. Is there anything special about the estate that Daleko has a claim to?
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